Tutorial: Add LeicaPlace Shortcut to Your Phone / Tablet Homescreen

Jan 06, 2015 - 7:22 PM - by Amin Sabet
We've phased out the mobile app (no longer available in stores), and many members feel that the new version of Tapatalk is a mess.

To add a link to your phone or tablet homescreen so that the site can be launched like an app, first decide which version of the site you want to use on your phone / tablet, and make a note of the URL for that site version.

URL for full site version: http://www.leicaplace.com/?styleid=-1

URL for mobile version: http://www.leicaplace.com/?styleid=13

The next steps depend on what mobile OS you are using.

For Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch):

1) Visit the URL which you chose above (full or mobile) in Safari.

2) Tap on the share button (looks like a box with an up arrow) and then tap on "Add to Home Screen"

3) Type a short name for the shortcut and tap on "Add".

For Android devices:

1) Visit the URL which you chose above (full or mobile) in your browser*.

2) Tap on the menu button and choose "Add to homescreen".

3) Type a short name for the shortcut and tap on "Add".

*I used Chrome. May be different in other browsers.

For Windows Phone:

1) Visit the URL which you chose above (full or mobile) in Internet Explorer.

2) Tap on the More (...) button and choose "Pin to Start".

For Windows 8 / 8.1 / RT:

1) Visit the URL which you chose above (full or mobile) in Internet Explorer.

2) Swipe up from the bottom, tap on the star icon

3) Tap the pin icon, type a short name for the shortcut and tap on "Pin to Start".
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Featured: 'Natural coating: myth or reality?' by uhoh7

Dec 24, 2014 - 12:42 AM - by uhoh7

A few years ago I bought a 1937 uncoated CZJ 50/1.5 with some issues and had Henry Scherer fix it, which he did very well.

He wrote to me:
"Hello Charlie,
I have an opening while waiting for paint to cure while working on a Contax III and so have moved forward with your lens and it is completely disassembled. It is very dirty but very fine. The lens elements are in perfect condition and so my guess is it's going to be a 10 when its done. It's distinguished by very fine surface oxidation of the front and rear lens elements. This shows it's never been cleaned. Whoever owned it previously cared for it very much. This surface oxidation acts like coating and significantly improves the lens so if I were you I'd invest in a UV filter and would never clean this lens. This surface oxidation is very rare and highly desirable."

Recently a user at RFF found a very interesting converted CZJ 50/1.5 ( http://imgur.com/a/zSQUJ Brian, you will want to check that out) and I related this information, albeit very briefly, at first, in the following thread:

another different user who appears to have some knowledge, though not exactly forthcoming with much detail, basically claims this idea is balderdash in the thread above and I defend the proposition with some more detail....that doesn't impress him much LOL

Brian, I know you have seen a bunch of these, and other users may have some experience as well. What do you think?

I did some searching for more info, and found some interesting hints, but less detail and examples than I would like. I.e. it's not oxidization exactly, but exposure to halogens? Some glass will do it and other glass will not?

This old lens is seriously sharp, and I have not touched it really since Henry cleaned it. Here are some samples:

... [Read More]
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