A few from Charleston with the Leica Q

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    A few new samples with the Leica Q: I really like shooting art galleries from the outside looking in, since there's so much going on in the limited space. This one is inside of a hotel's retail area, replacing a Brookstone store, and I doubt it will last out the year. The bridge is a favorite of mine, looking toward the loading docks on the North side of Charleston (not North Charleston). The park scene was just a test, although I like the lights on the trees ... I don't generally get good results with high ISO photos at night with any camera shooting JPEG only, but this one isn't bad if you don't look too close.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/25 handheld, ISO 200.

    Leica Q, f2.8, 1/3 sec. braced, ISO 200.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/15 handheld, ISO 1600.
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    Apr 3, 2013
    That shot of the bridge is classic- beautiful.

    The fast 28mm lens on this camera is a smart choice, really sets it into a niche that was unfilled by generations of fixed-lens cameras.
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    Thanks - I was lugging a Benro tripod around occasionally, which supports big DSLRs, but even though it folded to 14 inches long, it was bulky and fairly heavy. So I found a Manfrotto online for $60 USD that's much lighter and easy to carry, and it's stable enough for the 1.5 lb 'Q' as long as it isn't really windy. Just that tripod choice gets me into more places.
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