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    Back around 2000 I bought my first digital camera, a Leica Digilux 4.3 actually built by Fujifilm. It was a terrific little snapshooter - it had a very nice zoom lens and an exceptionally good sensor. I enjoyed using this little camera for years and was frequently amazed at how well its images stacked up against the output of larger and more capable machines.


    But, the little camera had some drawbacks. I like to shoot table-top close ups and the Digilux 4.3 lacked three very important features for such work:

    1) It had no cable release socket or remote switch input.

    2) Its retracting lens provided no place to attach my small ring-flash.

    3) It had no PC or hot-shoe flash connectors.

    I decided to build a solution to these problems.


    My solution was built of aluminum plate and bar stock, some machine screws and a little scrap teak. I incorporated a Wien Peanut optical photo-slave module and a step-up adapter.


    You can read (a PDF file) about building and using this device at:
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    Woh. That is cool! Please post some pics of it as setup for shots. Also the shots taken with the setup.

    Isn't it something. A few of these old cameras just have the feel and get images which make shooting them so much more satisfying than 98% of "modern" cameras.

    Welcome to the forum, too!

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    I had one of those before. Slim and easy to fit in the pocket.
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    Cameras today are more conformist than I realized. I really like the vertical body.