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    Mar 30, 2013

    I am starting this thread to encourage people to share their favourite photo books either directly on the subject of Leica, or on photo topics generally associated with the use of Leica such as street, documentary, travel or war photography. Technical manuals are welcome, as are biographies. The only real entry criteria are that the books you recommend should be entertaining, informative, inspirational... and read by you!

    The idea is to build up a "library" of good recommendations for anyone with an interest in Leica and Leica use. Don't restrict yourself to books in print - secondhand bookshops, flea markets and camera fairs are your friend.

    So I would like to kick off with "MY LIFE WITH THE LEICA" by WALTHER BENSER. This book gives an insight into what it was like to work for Leitz Camera in Germany after WW2. Benser is an engaging writer with an eye for detail. He gave slide show lectures for Leica for years and gave his name to the Benser Baseplate and Benser Bags, both popular accessories albeit never officially approved by Leitz

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    Mar 31, 2013
    I bought Ara Guler's (Master of Leica-1962) small photo book while I was in Turkey. He has a more expensive coffee table book also. I think it is called:
    Ara Guler's Istanbul

    According to this article he has 2 million photos and 58 photo books:
    EXHIBITIONS - Ara Guler, Turkey's master of photography

    More on him:
    Ara Guler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    His official website has very good photos esp from old Istanbul, which some of are included in the book that I bought:
    Ara Guler | Offical Web Site

    or just a google image search gives some of his photos:
    ara guler - Google Search

    He is also on the Steve McCurry's last Kodachrome roll photos:
    "Turkish photographer Ara Guler, nicknamed “The Eye of Istanbul” is the dean of Turkish Photographers and a friend of the late Henri Cartier-Bresson"
    The End of an Era | Steve McCurry's Blog
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    Apr 3, 2013
    I like the drawings in Walther Benser's Books. "Color Magic" and "Better Colour".

    also "Photographic Lenses", by Neblette and "Lenses in Photography" by Kingslake.