Canon III and "Mini-Me"

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    Apr 3, 2013
    We went up to the Shenandoah mountains today, to the Shenandoah Caverns. On the way out, stopped at a flea market. I always am looking for cameras at them, but today came across this Made in Occupied Japan cigarette lighter. At first, thought it was based on the Leica- but then noticed the sides of the lighter. It's fashioned after the Canon III, a compass is in the position of the slow-speed dial and the rewind knob is a compartment for flints. The lens unscrews to fill up with fluid, the shutter release actuates the lighter.

    The Canon III shown is also MIOJ, originally came with a Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.5.

    14827828649_16c3dbd7e6_b. Canon III and Mini-Me by fiftyonepointsix

    15014188312_126df821b3_b. Canon III and Mini-Me by fiftyonepointsix
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