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    Okay, so while I love my M Monochrom so much that we aren't allowed out together in Georgia or Alabama, there are times when an SLR is still the right tool, so yes, I bought one. Its been about 2 years since I've used an SLR-type digital camera (Sony A77, not technically an SLR) and so I took my new Canon 6D on a walk with my wife and her parents this morning. I bought this combo for travel photography, and will soon add a macro lens for all of the neat bugs and flowers and stuff that the I want to shoot in cold and which the X2 can't focus close enough for. This is my first time using the 6D and 24-105L zoom, so more about getting a feel for the equipment than producing any serious art.

    All images take at Exploration Park, Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada (you can see the Las Vegas strip in the background of a few from the session). I am debating bringing this with me to German and Austria on my 20th anniversary trip as my wife wants color pictures and for me to NOT spend my time swapping lenses or otherwise messing with my gear. My first thought was either a Leica M (240 type) or ME as I already have the glass, but this kit offers me a one lens solution that really will cover just about anything, though it is heavy and not even remotely interesting as gear goes (still might go for the color M).

    That, and with my GAS it was an excuse to buy another toy and to gain the ability to do wider than 35mm and longer than 90mm, both of which the Leica system does, but that my poor eyesight doesn't do so well with a rangefinder.

    All images below are RAW conversions in Lightroom 5, lens profile applied, but no other post. This lens REALLY needs the correction on full-frame, especially at the wide end where there is some very serious distortion when focused closely. Thankfully, the correction works well, and the lens appears to be quite sharp from corner-to-corner, even wide-open.

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    And now for the shots without any people...

    _MG_0043.jpg by Lawman1967, on Flickr

    That is the Las Vegas Strip in the distant background.

    _MG_0092.jpg by Lawman1967, on Flickr

    Sun just above the frame. Now THAT is excellent flare control, way to go Canon!

    _MG_0119.jpg by Lawman1967, on Flickr

    Again, sun just to the top left.

    _MG_0151.jpg by Lawman1967, on Flickr
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    I, myself, have been tempted by the Nikon DF. If can use all of my Manual focus Ai and pre-AI lenses. After reading about the Nikon D600 DISASTER- I've decided to wait a year after the release to buy one.

    But for Canon, I use an FL Mount 50/1.4 on my M Monochrom. RF coupled...

    And a Canon P, Canon III, Canon 7, Canon FTb, Canon EF, and Canon F1.... See how open minded I am!
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    I was tempted by the Df as well, but I figured with a modern SLR I want modern autofocus. The goal is for this camera and one lens to cover 99% of what I want to shoot on a non-photo trip. Focus from the center point (all I know now that I think in rangefinder) is super-fast and with the f/4 lens its about the same weight as my Mono with 35, 50 and 90 lenses, no bag required.

    IQ looks pretty good. No German pixie magic, but more than adequate for a great coffee table book after the trip.