Colorado scenic and macro, M 240 with R 35-70mm F4

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    May 1, 2013
    Work has been excessive recently, so a vacation with family to Colorado has been a pleasant diversion. Took my favorites, the M240 with the Leica R 35-70mm f4. Anything from macro to wide angle to short telephoto. Remarkably sharp.

    Colorado can be gorgeous. Weather is amazing - bone-dry one minute, drenched the next. Here are a few favorites. More to come.

    14799311065_3c8bc2cfac_h. diamonds for a lady by cbmn, on Flickr

    14789723832_9604b360fc_b. Hammond's by cbmn, on Flickr

    14789109724_2b9e55a743_b. bobscounter by cbmn, on Flickr

    14596501107_f2bfc88f67_c. ready for greet by cbmn, on Flickr

    14798401113_3854efdf95_c. monsieur pierre homard by cbmn, on Flickr

    14750863876_dc1f575561_h. show-off by cbmn, on Flickr

    14778263236_1af68e2e85_b. sparkler by cbmn, on Flickr

    14764317825_cec85671cb_h. carolyn by cbmn, on Flickr

    14782938725_a2f8448192_c. cougar by cbmn, on Flickr

    14614552528_a8913b4dab_c. orange drops by cbmn, on Flickr
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