Fort Snelling State Park with M and 21mm, 50mm, 90mm

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  1. carlb

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    May 1, 2013
    We had some good weather, so I took an afternoon to photograph somewhere new to me. The Fort Snelling state park looked like a good opportunity with many walking trails along the Mississippi River, so I paid for a seasonal pass.

    The ranger who sold me the pass owns a D90, she told me of some good possibilities for photos and gave me a map. I'm never able to picture such directions well, even with a map, so after marking a few "X" spots down, off I went to find new things. I didn't get to the whole park. So more left for another day. And other state parks to explore now, too.

    I took along the M, as well as a 21mm SEM (which anyone here has seen way too many photos from already), a 35mm chron, a 50mm lux, and the 90mm Macro-Elmarit collapsable. The 21mm saw my most use ('surprise,' heh), with a smattering of shots with the other lenses.

    Being Minnesota in early April, things can look a bit dry and dead around here, so the Marumi 46mm CPL was used much to help cut the skies and add whatever I could get from it.

    OK, enough boring you to tears, here are the shots.

    mendota bridge
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    fort snelling gates
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    fort snelling
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    pastels for lake snelling
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    mississippi river from hwy 5 bridge
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    mendota bridge moon
    by Carl B, on Flickr

    There are more shots than the above, but I'll see if I can pull anything out of them worth looking at ...
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    Feb 26, 2017
    Very nice! The clarity in each shot is really nice. It is amazing to think that just a few weeks from now, it will look so bright and lush! It looks pretty dead by my as well but the pine trees keep some of the green going all year round so it isn't so bad :)
  3. carlb

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    May 1, 2013
    Thanks! Grew up in Ann Arbor, so I know just what you mean. (Your location says your from Michigan, too.)

    I had to leave the park for a bit, but came back hoping for good low-light. Missed it though, being that most of the park is in a valley. You can see a bit of the orange yellow light in the shot underneath the bridge, would have been nice to capture more of that.
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