Hello everybody from West Yorkshire, home of the 2014 "Grande Depart"- Tour de france

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    Aug 16, 2014
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    Kenneth cooke
    Funnily enough, I have decided just today to purchase a Monochrom M body in Silver and I am proposing to buy it from Ivor at Red Dot Cameras in London, although the Monochrom M does not have a red dot on it unlike my existing M6's, one BLK and one CHR which I use with Summicron Optics. I only take black and white images which I process myself at home in my cellar. I also have a 6X6 Rollieflex 3.5f 75mm Xenotar and a Pentax S1a 55mm Takumar. I propose to hang onto both my M6's at this stage so as I can shoot colour occasionally but that might change if someone makes me an offer for one

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