Showcase JUPITER-11 f-4 - 135mm on Leica M9

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    Apr 3, 2013
    "In the Day"- a 135mm focal length lens was the crowning achievement for Leica and Contax owners. A "long focus lens for distant landscapes, architectural details, presswork from distant points, large portraits- heads, birds, and big game photography"- from the Contax Guide by W.D Emanuel. With a name like that- no wonder he wrote these types of books! The 135 lenses tend to be very good, and go for a "pittance" compared with wide-angle and fast normal lenses.

    The J-11 is a faithful reproduction of the Zeiss 13.5cm F4 Sonnar- I believe the Russian LTM versions do well on a Leica as the minimum focus is 2.5m and the minimum aperture is F4.On the J-9 the minimum focus is 1.15m, and that is where I always had problems getting it to focus correctly. The Sonnar inspired many manufacturer, the Nikkor 135 F3.5 is a good Sonnar formula lens made from 1950 up until the 1980s, the last version being Ais F-Mount.
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    I have the Nikkor 135mm Ais F-Mount too for my Nikon D800 which I also love but never seem to use much now as zoom lenses are just to convenient for me but using the Leica has brought be back into using primes again. I really enjoy these cheaper Russian lenses with the M9. I tried an M10 at the Leica store in Copenhagen the other day and I much prefer the M9 images. Thanks for the info on these lens too :)
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