Showcase KMZ 50mm f/3.5 Industar-22 in LTM

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  1. Mr_Flibble

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    Aug 16, 2013
    The Lowlands
    I hadn't used this coated 1952-dated lens in quite a while, mainly because the curtains on the Zorki Ic it was attached to were starting to come apart. I could shake the camera and flakes of rubber would fall out, no matter how much LET is smeared on the curtains.


    So last year I decided to hand it over to a friend who likes rebuilding soviet Leica and Contax copies (He has also repaired my real Contax II cameras). I didn't hear anything for a while until December when he found some time to work on his backlog of repairs. I got the camera back in January this year and it feels great. Okay the RF is a little dim, but nothing too bad. Without slow speeds I wouldn't need good contrast in the RF patch anyway.

    The Industar-22, I'm told, is a tried-and-tested 4 element triplet with the aperture opening behind the second group. And shooting with a properly coated lens was something I had not done in a long time.

    I loaded the camera with some Rollei RPX 100 and took it with me wherever I went.

    1. Zandberg road

    2. Nr 10

    3. Out on the Roestelberg

    4. Firewood at Fort Altena

    5. Calibrating his Nicca 3-f

    6. Land of Altena

    7. The crapper

    Film was developed in Ro9, 1+50 for 18.5 minutes
    Negatives were scanned at 4800dpi with generic film settings in Vuescan.
    Scans were resized and the levels and curves slightly adjusted.
    Still a little too gray in my opinion.

    Looks like this Zorki and Industar will do okay for another 50 years.
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  2. Brian

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    Apr 3, 2013
    These look great. The Industar is a Tessar copy, and compares favorably with the Coated Elmar.

    Industar-50, in collapsible mount, "even better". The collapsible Industars are Brass.
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  3. Mr_Flibble

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    Aug 16, 2013
    The Lowlands
    The chrome on my two I-22 lenses is still pretty spotless.

    I recall reading a pre-war Soviet review of the Elmar and the Industar (I-10) that said they were very close in image quality and that the industar was, possibly, a little sharper (Of course they would say that, wouldn't they).
  4. Brian

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    Apr 3, 2013
    I had a coated I-10, was not as good as my post-war coated Elmar. The I-22 was as good. I suspect the I-50 is close to the last-version F3.5 Elmar.