Leica C(112) - Red Leaf cluster

Discussion in 'Nature' started by dalethorn, Nov 23, 2013.

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    These leaves had a very subtle color and contrast, the lighting was late afternoon and shaded, and I shot this at f5.4, 1/8 second handheld (in bursts), at ISO 80. Getting exactly what I wanted here wasn't happening for several reasons, so I kept experimenting to see how close I could get.

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Look sharp for 1/8th- does this camera have electronic stabilization?
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    Optical lens stabilization is on, but all of the electronic stabilizations such as increasing the ISO or using digital zoom are turned off. The main problems in getting this to look good were 1) very slow handheld shutter speed, and even that was possible only by shooting several bursts (about 40 images total, some quite blurry), and 2) flat lighting, and 3) somewhat pale, low-contrast leaves.

    When I'm shooting with way less than ideal shutter speeds in order to use ISO 80** on the little camera, I depend on the bursts to get me at least one keeper image. Going through them afterward can be really tedious, but when you're looking through a batch of images like this, you can tell after viewing the first dozen or so at 100 percent whether they're inconsistent (indicating frequent blur), or if most of them look the same and reasonably sharp then probably you've achieved optimum sharpness with those that look the same at 100 percent, and at that point you can probably save one and toss the rest, saving yourself the extra tedium.

    **There are a few subjects that can look really good with the Leica 'C' at ISO's higher than 80, even as high as 1600 in a few cases, but flat lighting is usually the show-stopper there. I got a new iPad Mini 128/retina today and have been spending hours getting files loaded on, so looking at these leaves on that screen most everything looks OK, even the background noise, but the middle leafs' surfaces look spotted as though they had a disease or something. I think that's where I overdid it a little on sharpening, or sharpening with the wrong parameters.
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