Leica M9 vs M240 Resolution Comparison @ lens rentals

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  1. serhan

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Leica M9 vs M240 Resolution Comparison using the Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH lens at lens rentals:
    LensRentals.com - Leica M Type 240 Resolution Comparison

    It is only one lens test, but interesting to see that the resolution wise it is not a big jump from 18MP to 24MP.
  2. JonoSlack

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    Mar 30, 2013
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    I didn't understand it like that - I assumed he was looking at the pixel per pixel sharpness, not the image as a whole. Could be wrong though!

    As far as I can see, the cameras do resolve about the same for the same number of pixels - which means that the 24/18 ratio relates also to the ratio between the acceptable print sizes

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  3. serhan

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    Mar 31, 2013
    He is using "line pairs / image height" to measure the (raw image) sensor+lens resolution. So with same lens, higher MP sensor should give higher resolution for the same image height, but in this test sensor types are different with Leica's.

    LensRentals.com - Why Aren't the Damn Numbers the Same????

  4. Amin

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    Mar 28, 2013
    The image height dimension is 3472 pixels for M9 and 4000 pixels for the new M, so assuming ideal lenses and sensors, we'd expect the M9 to provide 87% of the LP/IH. Not too surprising that the new M would do "just a little better" in this regard. While an observed 3% improvement is less than a predicted 15% improvement, both are fairly insignificant to me. The key finding from Roger's perspective and mine is that the new M CMOS isn't a step backwards from the older CCD in terms of resolution.
  5. flash

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    Mar 30, 2013
    The key finding, to me is that the corners seem to be better. That possibly means an improvement in the use of the microlenses and therefore a more significant improvement for landscapes etc.

    Then again, I haven't bought a new camera in years just because of the sensor in it. That seems to fairly low on my list of priorities. I had two camera with amazing sensors (NEX7 and a77). Don't have either of them anymore.