Leica Q Custom Compact Case by Luigi - review by Dale

Discussion in 'Leica Q Forum' started by dalethorn, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. dalethorn

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    This youtube video describes my efforts to get a case made for my Leica Q that conforms to the design of other compact camera cases, such as the 18709 for the Leica X1/X2/XE. Unfortunately, my investment of ~$650 USD has not produced a useable case per my spec.

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  2. brusby

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    Mar 1, 2014
    That really sucks. Did you pay via Paypal? If so, you should be able to return it pursuant to their "not as described" purchaser protection and to get a complete refund. After all, you gave explicit instructions which Luigi didn't follow. The cost to correct it or of a full refund should be borne by them.
  3. dalethorn

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    They required full payment in advance in Euros by wire transfer, so there is no way to obtain any compensation. That's a problem with this kind of "custom made" item - there doesn't seem to be any practical solution, unless I find a leather worker who can remove the cap and cut down the size of the lens tunnel, then reattach the cap. Part of the reason I posted here is because I got the recommendation from Leica.
  4. carlb

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    May 1, 2013
    Crud, sorry to read of the problem! As far as leather workers ... If there's no one that fits the bill exactly, perhaps a shoe repair shop? They have to stitch and work with leather quite often ...
  5. dalethorn

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    I've gotten that recommendation, so I will eventually find one or two and explore that. But I also started fishing for the first time on Friday, 6 November, so I haven't been too concerned with getting that fix right away. In fact, I've been building some pages of iPhone 6-S-plus images on my website, and posting a few of them here. But I don't expect to ignore the Q for long - it's really a delightful camera, and I've gotten to like the internal crop feature, at least at 35 mm (15 mp).
  6. Mel Francis

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    Mar 31, 2016
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    Hello Dale, I'm new to this forum so I know I'm responding late to your post. I do so only because I have direct experience with Luigi and his products. I have bought 2 cases from him, one for my LeicaQ and one I designed myself for my Fuji x100T. I have had only good experience with Luigi, even though he is definitely not cheap!
    I would guess he made your case to fit the Q with the factory lens hood fitted, this might explain why the front end is so long. If you did not expect or enquire this, he may have assumed it. I don't know if you discussed it with him but I'm sure he would fix it. For sure, shipping is up to you, but if the case is useless then what have you got to lose? I would ship it back by the cheapest means and ask him to correct it, insurance only makes insurance companies wealthy. Alternatively sell it to someone who uses the lens hood on their Q and try again. I would happily use Luigi for another custom case but you have specify every detail.

    The Q is a terrific camera. The one I've been waiting for.
  7. dalethorn

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    You're completely mistaken about my deal with Luigi. I insisted from the very beginning that the ONLY reason I needed the case was to fit the Q perfectly with the absolute minimum size, especially the lens projection. There were several emails preceding the purchase, in which I made clear that the lens projection had to be absolutely the smallest possible.

    After they shipped it, they sent pictures of the horrible 'Pinnochio' nose on the thing, but it was too late. Then after I received it and said it was unusable, they insisted that I could return it to Italy at my expense (another $120 USD), but ONLY with no insurance and a very low value so they would not have to pay customs.

    So I cut my losses and moved on. Maybe someone will buy it from me, but I can't imagine....