Leica Q Shutter Speed vs Exposure Compensation

Discussion in 'Leica Q Forum' started by David H Dennis, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Jun 7, 2016
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    David H Dennis
    I'm curious ...

    I think a lot of you here are Q owners.

    Everyone seems to love the Q.

    You've probably read some portion of DPReview's review, which says that strange control analomies damage usability.

    I was particularly surprised by the shutter speed dial not moving in thirds, as it does on the X-series, and instead moving in single increments, but with the control dial moving it by thirds.

    I was wondering why Leica made that decision, and if anyone's really noticed it? It seems like a step behind the X in control design. I thought the use of the control dial as exposure compensation should have been sacred.

    How much trouble has this caused in real world shooting, and is there a way to change it (so that the control dial is always exposure compensation even if it means we can't adjust shutter speed in 1/3 stop increments)?
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    If someone is saying good about Leica, they're either a happy user or are getting ad support from Leica. Otherwise, they're not likely to be as enthusiastic. I don't remember how the various sites reacted to the Q, but the worst bashers usually hang out on the L-forum, which I think is based in Germany or thereabouts.

    The Q is not as primitive as the X, but it's not a Sony either. My take is, there are limitations like the shutter thing, but the Q electronically and operationally is well ahead of what I expected of it.
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    The Q has a lot of Panasonic assistance with the electronics while the X was entirely in-house.