Leica TL2: under the radar?

Discussion in 'Leica T / TL / CL Forum' started by emerson, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. emerson

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    Feb 12, 2017
    It seems odd to me that the TL2 [and in fact the T series] generates so little discussion. Not sure why this is the case. Clue me in, why is the TL2 not taken seriously?
  2. Brian

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Leia uses a Leica T with beautiful results from her travels around the world. It is a mirrorless camera, uses interchangeable lenses, and I'm very happy that it has attracted a younger generation of Leica photographers.

    Chile Easter Island and Paine

    On this forum- we have a small group of active posters that tend to be more interested in the Rangefinder Leicas that can use a variety of lenses going back to the 1930s. The Digital Leica Rangefinder is as close to operating a classic manual focus film camera that you will find. Personally speaking, I have less interest in keeping up with the latest in digital camera bodies coming out than there is in restoring a lens from the 1940s.

    With that stated: I keep up with Leicarumours.com and other sites, they do a fine job of reporting what is new and some of the "early adopter" problems.

    Leica News & Rumors

    I check in with that site, and have been leaving comments on the 50/1.1 7Artisans lens. The latter fascinates me as it is based on a 1950s Zunow 5cm F1.1.

    I've worked with computers and digital imaging professionally for 40 years now. There is "Leading edge" and "Bleeding Edge". With the TL2: give Leica time to sort out the new camera and it's firmware.