Leica X-U video review with Bayreuth camera bag.

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    I ordered the X-U, which should ship pretty soon. I traded in my Q (not completed yet), at a price that precluded the need for me to sell it. I have a friend who does pro work shooting models underwater, so besides my review of the camera for above-ground shooting, I hope that he will shoot some underwaters with it, as we discussed just this morning.
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    Aug 19, 2013
    Can't wait to see what you think of the X-U.
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    I'm always excited about a new camera, especially a Leica. I had the X1, which although there were many negative comments about it at the beginning, even "really bad" comments, turned out to be my most productive camera. I've had 2 of the Nikon 'A's now, and gave the Q a good shot, but I already know I'll get a lot more from the 35 mm (effective) prime of the X-U. The X-U is the X typ 113 with the waterproof gadget on the lens. And like the X-113 and the Q, it's f1.7 - the X1 started at f2.8.

    So unless the assembly on the lens somehow provides a worse image on dry land than the X-113, all should be good, since I don't do underwater myself.
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    My review of the Leica X-U, and the Oberwerth Bayreuth compact camera bag.

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