Minolta Chiyoko 11cm F5.6, Leica Thread Mount

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  1. Brian

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    Apr 3, 2013
    This lens is a bit smaller than the Elmar 9cm f4, a bit slower, and a bit longer. Downside- close focus is just under 7ft.

    The good- beautiful coating, higher contrast compared with the Elmar, uses 34mm filters.

    These are wide-open, on the M9. I'll get some shots of the lens alongside the Elmar soon.

    At closest focus,

    15918377895_5fb52303b6_b. Minolta 11cm F5.6

    Bokeh shot-

    15892588096_be0ac00209_b. Minolta 11cm F5.6

    The squirrel bridge,

    15296140144_f0a8a4ffdb_b. Minolta 11cm F5.6

    15730924148_c59cc6d687_b. Minolta 11cm F5.6
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  2. raid

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    Apr 12, 2013
    The deep coating helped with the last image.