Showcase Minolta Chiyoko 8.5cm F2.8 in Leica Thread Mount

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    Apr 3, 2013
    This lens is "scarce" outside of Japan. This one has a 4-digit SN, under 5000. It is 5 elements in 3 groups, from what i have read. This lens uses 40mm screw in accessories, same as the Canon 50/1.5 and other Canon lenses. It's fashioned after the Leica 90/4 Elmar, is hard-coated. the glass on this one is almost perfect. Focus smoothed out with some use.

    Wide-open on the M9, ISO2500.

    15748055293_49ec5d17a3_o. Skate and Fun zone

    16367135782_06d023a027_o. Skate and Fun zone

    ISO10,000 on the Monochrom. UV filter.

    16368016835_5675c7149e_o. Skate and Fun Zone