Missing long lenses

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by CaptZoom, May 5, 2013.

  1. CaptZoom

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    Apr 11, 2013
    After a very long time, I found myself wanting a long (100mm+) lens. I'm perfectly happy with my 90mm Elmarit-M, and at the moment really want to use a 135mm or 150mm lens. 90mm is about the limit of what I can successfully use on my M9.

    I wonder how long this want will last.
  2. Brian

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    Apr 3, 2013
    I use a 1.25x magnifier, available on Ebay for ~$100, for longer lenses.

    This is with the 13.5cm F3.5 on the M9. Wide-open, close-up.


    On the Nikon SP, I used a 13.5cm F3.5 at the playground. Never a problem.

    More here:


    all wide-open.

    I also have a 200/4.5 Komura in RF coupled Leica mount. Uncommon, "works", but min focus is ~24ft.
  3. CaptZoom

    CaptZoom Leica Place Regular

    Apr 11, 2013
    My problem with longer lenses on the M have to do with difficulty in framing not focusing. I suppose the magnifier would help with this.
    Thanks for the tip.