My first images from the Q typ 116...

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by dalethorn, Jun 16, 2015.

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    My first images from the Leica Q typ 116 .... the first a backyard art-garden with myself reflected in the rear center mirror. The second was taken as a 50 mm in-camera crop. The third a normal 28 mm shot, but cropped nearly 50 percent.

    Leica Q, f1.7, 1/800 handheld, ISO 200.

    Leica Q, f1.7, 1/160 handheld, ISO 200.

    Leica Q, f3.2, 1/800 handheld, ISO 200.
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    One of my favorite subjects, taken through the exterior plate glass window of the LV store. I tried this with normal focus and also macro focus - the normal focus was the winner, although the DOF was very thin here. The 28 mm focal length wasn't wide enough to include the bag on the right, although given the focus limitation, it's just as well. I've done a lot of these with other cameras, and the 'Q' was above average here in minimizing glare and capturing the color accurately through the plate glass window.

    Leica Q, f1.7, 1/200 handheld, ISO 200.