Panny L1+Leica 14-50: what can the ol' gal do?

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    May 25, 2014
    having sold my 24mp state of the art 'cult' fav RX1 in favor of the results and analogue experience i was getting from the lowly 6mp RD1, i decided i wanted to try to duplicate both with an autofocus camera. i picked up the L1 (or Digilux 3) and the 4/3 vario elmarit 14-50/2.8 (28-100 35mm equiv) as my vehicle. first the negatives: its a big rig, though not when compared to the new crop of mirrorless FF or crop sensored with the big fast glass everyone seems to want. kinda like the return to these huge cell phones, i dont get it, but thats another story for another day little adam. but its big. not particularly heavy, and the lens doesnt feel like a leica, as its light and plasticky, but its thick at 72mm filter size. and cutting to the chase, i like the resolution of the RD1 plus real leica glass better, though that might change with a different lens. and i like that cameras pure ccd better than the L1's hybrid ccd/cmos sensor. and the autofocus is a bit slow. and the shutter is noisy--no discreet shooting here!

    now the good: the analogue experience is just what i wanted. everything--even metering type--is right there on camera. love it. focus is accurate, missed one shot after a day of shooting. i like having a zoom, and a really useful one at that as it goes from 28 to 100mm. none of this 35-70 silliness. actually wide to actually telephoto. real landscape to real portrait. cant get that with the M system. and while i do prefer the resolution and look of the RD1 to the L1, i prefer the L1 to pretty much anything else. the colors are accurate, but nonetheless they literally jump off the screen. they are so very vibrant. the skin tones are just lovely and ccd-ish. the b&w is nuanced and dramatic. reminds me of my old Kodak Pro slr/n, which i might now sell. these are things i personally couldnt wring out of my 24mp sony. anyway, i dont know how they will come across here with size reductions and all, but here are a few 'nothing' shots just to illustrate.







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    May 1, 2013
    Hi Tony,

    The PL 25mm or Zuiko 50mm are going to give increased resolution, and they both get a lovely look to their images. Keep your eyes open for the PL 14-150mm, although a bit slower than the PL14-50mm its combination of range, sharpness, and linearity are unmatched that I know of. Same size retracted as the PL14-150mm.

    The L1/Digilux-3 is a great camera, do keep posting your images.
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    May 25, 2014
    thanks carl. i have to say, although it may not show in this format, the colors in these photos are quite stunning. as i said, when i opened the files it was like they jumped off the screen. and the skin tones, which is one of the main things i was hoping for from this sensor, are very similar to the famous Kodak Pro, which i personally think still has not been matched, though the old Fuji S Pro line was pretty close. so i am content with a little less resolution. i also really like the bounce flash capability. i was able to shoot at iso 100 at 5.6 in a near dark room with the much less offensive bounce and get great images even though i had to push a couple of stops in post. and the photos had none of that 'artificial light' look that so often accompanies casual flash photography.
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    May 25, 2014
    some more from today, trying out the bokeh at max FL and aperture. in general very pleased with the OOF, the sharpness, and again, the colors are awesome:






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