Recovery of Corrupt Memory card

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    Aug 19, 2013
    Got home from a last minute family vacation at Mystic CT. I brought along my M 240, 35mm Lux ASPH Pre-FLE, Tri-Elmar WATE and the 75mm Lux and took a bunch of pictures at the Submarine Force Museum and Mystic Seaport. Needless to say, the first thing I did was to pop my memory card to my card reader so that I can process them. To my surprised, the message the I got was that the card was corrupt and I need to reformat the card. Put the card back into the M body and the same thing. Frantic, I started searching the web. I used a Lexar memory so started with their page first. Downloaded a sample copy of their image recovery program and tried it. If it works, it will cost me $34.00. After about half an hour, it showed a bunch of corrupted images. I was getting desperate. Google image recovery and you get a bunch of program that looks pretty similar but with different skin on them. I finally found a text based program that is free and pretty powerful. This one recovered my files successfully. More amazing is that it even recovers files that were in the memory card from a year ago, after several reformat. Check it out and definitely worth keeping in your utility folder just in case.
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