So I guess I pissed off Paul Ebel

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    Aug 13, 2017
    Last Summer I sent a camera to Paul Ebel to have him checked upon. He was booked and called back on Dec. 8th telling me it was done.

    I was going to send him payment that very day. But somehow I proceed to that final step of Paypal transaction and close the page... with the impression that I sent it.Then... it is completely out of my mind, including the fact that I sent him a camera to work on. I wasn't expecting a camera to come back.

    It didn't strike me until yesterday, which is 2 month later, that I didn't pay him! I quickly sent it and emailed Paul about it. He said nothing but telling me that he sent out my camera and provided tracking. His response consists of minimum words compared with his previous cheerful character.

    I feel terrible about it but what's done is done. He must be rather upset. :crying:
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    Feb 12, 2017
    I checked some old emails I had with Paul back in 2016. When he returned the cameras all he wrote in the email was he had sent them and the tracking number.
    So maybe nothing to worry about should you want to use him again.