Some portraits with a 135mm Hektor

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    Some 'candid' protraits that I took over the Easter Weekend at a Living History event at Coastal Fortress IJmuiden.

    Camera: Leica IIIc (1942)
    Lens: Leitz 135mm f/4.5 Hektor (coated, 1946) with Y2 filter
    Film: Rollei RPX 400
    Developing: Ro9, 1+100, 1 hour Full Stand Dev (30 seconds initial agitation)
    Scans: 2400dpi, Generic Color Film pre-sets and out Auto Levels in Vuescan.

    Full stand developing experiment didn't turn out exactly as expected. Uneven development due to Bromide streaking. I think I'll stick with inverting every 15 or 30 minutes next time I try this.

    1. Pvt. Farmer

    2. Cpl Vandervoort, fed up and far from home

    3. Tech-Cpl. Cook

    4. La Resistance

    5. Pvt. Mandos with light leak

    6. Cpl. Ensfield.

    7. Pvt. Painter

    8. Cолдáт луис

    9. Capt. Mimi looking uncomfortable in the cold weather

    It's been a while since I've used the Hektor lens (maybe 6 years) and due to lack of routine I forgot to adjust the parallax correction on the VIDOM finder a few times. So I needed to trim some of the scans a little for a more pleasing composition.
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    Apr 3, 2013
    They look great to me- I need to get the Hektor out, tend to favor the Nikkor 13.5/3.5. Of course it would be out of place in a WW-II re-enactment, would have to use the 13.5cm F4 Sonnar...