South Brent Folk Festival (with the Leica D-Lux type 109)

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    Sep 17, 2014
    South Brent, south Devon (UK)
    Barrie Whitehall
    This years South Brent (my village in south Devon) Folk Festival was held on the 4th July. I understand that that date has a certain significance across the "pond" so quite a bit of it was devoted to styles of American folk, particularly Bluegrass and Appalachian mountain music.

    However it did begin with that typically British institution, Morris Dance. I wasn't so interested in the dance as in the music and hence the musicians.

    The full set of muscians with the Raddon Hill Clog Morris team
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    This group in particular played many tunes that i could recognise but not name. I realised that they were from "The Dancing Master" by John Playford first published in 1561. It eventually ran to 11 editions the last being published in 1728. There was one tune I could immediately recognise, "Lilli Bulero" that used to be used as the signature tune of the BBC World Service

    Resting between sets
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    The drummer had a dual use for his instrument

    Musicians with the Old Town 12
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    A group from my birth place, Plymouth

    From the Navy at Harberton
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    From a village not far away

    Violinist in a quartet
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    Caroline was one of a group of four ladies from South Brent performing indoors in the afternoon

    A mountain dulcimer player
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    John plays the mountain dulcimer, a plucked instrument

    Playing a double dulcimer
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    Here you will notice that there are two dulcimers built into one sounding board, known as an Appalachian Mountain Courting Dulcimer. Designed to be played by two people sitting facing one another, it could be played by a courting couple with the parents in the next room listening to the music. Providing the music continued they knew that nothing untoward was going on between the courting couple.

    Trio Appaloosas
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    A local group who specialise in playing American style folk music

    Banjo player
    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr

    Peter, the banjo player from the group.

    All in all an enjoyable day which also included an evening concert that I attended. A significant departure from my normal photographic subjects.

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    Excellent! The accordians especially, and especially in the Polish communities from Cleveland to Youngstown to Pittsburgh.