Treasure hunting in the Ardennes

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    Our annual La Chouffe Weekend in the Belgian Ardennes was filled with old friends, board games, fatty foods and of course La Chouffe beer.
    On Saturday I went along with some friends who were going "geocaching". A modern-day version of a treasure hunt, using a storyline and a GPS. This one was based on the Myth of "Faix du Diable" (The Devil's Burden) near the town of Wanne . From the starting point it was an 8 kilometer hike through the hilly woodlands. Along the way you have to find clues, solve a riddles or a puzzle to find the next GPS coordinates to walk to.

    Camera: Leica IIIc (1942)
    Lens: CZJ 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar + Walz Y2 filter
    Film: Fomapan 100 , Ro9, 1+25, 6.5 Minutes

    The yellow filter and the Ro9 would reduce the 100 ISO film sensitivity by just about 1-1/3rd of a stop. Meaning I was shooting close to wide open most of the time. f/2..f/2.8 ish.

    1. Fence

    2. Starting point in Wanne

    3. Beef cows

    4. Slippery when wet

    5. Boulder dam

    No actualy shot of the "Devil's Burden" the Leica jammed on me (simple fix but I needed a small screwdriver which I didn't have on me).
    I do however have digital color photos taken with an Epson R-D1 and a VC 35mm f/1.7 Ultron: Here
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