Wolluk-stock 2014

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    Some photos I took at the Wolluk-Stock music/family festival 2014 a week ago.

    Camera: Leica IIIc (1942)
    Lens: Leitz 90mm f/4 Elmar (coated 1937)
    Films: Fomapan 100 Classicen and Agfa Superpan 200
    Extras: Leitz FIKUS shade, VIOOH finder.

    I was afraid the Fomapan would be too slow for the shutterspeeds I wanted to capture the action with. But it turned out alright. I shot most of them at f/4 and f/4.5 with 1/100th and 1/200th of a second.
    I got some poor results using any kind of Maco film, Superpan 200, Retro 80s and 400s. They're all Agfa Aviphot 100 as I recall. The new (fujifilm) Lab I was using to develop my B/W film did horrible things to it.
    The negatives always came back looking really thin. At least I managed to save them with some Photoshop tweaking.

    1. Volbeat Cover band.

    2. Is that Rick Harris from "Pawn Stars"?

    3. Groove Xperience

    4. Bass Boss

    5. The band Chigurh in action

    6. Metal!

    7. "Izzid?"

    8. Intimate moment

    9. "Diepenhorst"

    10. With their classic song: Bettieakkemaai! (which roughly translates to "Does-it-bite-if-I-pet-it")

    Next time I'll be sure to carry some faster film. ;)

    More photos I took at the Festival can be found here (color is shot with the Epson R-D1 with Jupiter-3):
    Wolluk-stock 2014 gallery
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