X Vario B&W Storm Building

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by dalethorn, Sep 4, 2013.

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    This is unusual in a few respects. My MM lens went in for replacement, so I picked up the X Vario, realizing later the difference in sensitivity with the f3.5 Vario lens. This image was handheld at 1/10 second at ISO 1600, and several 5-shot bursts snagged a sharp one unbelievably! The lighting was weird as it often is in big storms, which made me anxious to get this. The big black cloud pulling up over the entire sky except down near the horizon (doesn't look black here, oddly) doesn't have any detail - it was flat and featureless. But still, that peculiar lighting resulted in a near-normal and detailed image - well worth the effort. This is also the first b&w that I used noise processing on, and I got much better results than I've gotten with color images.

    Edit: The cafe pictured here stated that in their first year of operation (2009), I consumed 13 percent of the coffee they sold.

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    Apr 3, 2013
    It looks good, very sharp for 1/10th second hand-held The noise has been well-managed.

    13% of the annual coffee consumption of a new Café. Cool. We need a camera and coffee thread.